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Social Media Management in China

Charlesworth Expert Digital Marketing Services

We are the only full-service digital marketing agent that specialises in STM publishing in China. We have a deep knowledge of the Chinese scholarly landscape and academic author and researcher community. Some of our clients include Hindawi Ltd., The Royal Society, and Dove Medical Press Ltd

With 20 years’ experience, we help publishers deepen their engagement with their academic authors by creating and managing their China social media activities in a rapidly growing social media space. We also help manage your brand through Chinese SEO, localised websites and targeted discipline specific campaigns.

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Our expert digital marketing team are based in Beijing but we also have offices in the UK and USA, this means our publisher partners can choose to liaise directly with our team in China, or via UK or US-based project managers.


Charlesworth WeChat Gateway Editorial Manager Integration 

In response to the rapid growth of the Chinese scholarly publishing market, Aries Systems and The Charlesworth Group have partnered to integrate Editorial Manager® into Charlesworth’s WeChat Gateway platform. 

Read the full press release here.

Improve the publishing experience for your Chinese authors and drive efficiencies in your editorial workflows, through integrating your Editorial Manager sites with WeChat; ensuring your China-based authors are quickly informed at every stage of the  editorial process.

Charlesworth WeChat Gateway

WeChat Gateway is a platform which allows you to connect your Editorial Manager Submission sites to your WeChat account. Once linked, it allows two-way messages to pass between your journal Editorial Manager submission site and your author’s personal WeChat account.

Editorial Manager publishers requiring more information please contact: Jason De Boer @ jason.deboer@charlesworth-group.com

Features and Benefits of integrating WeChat Gateway with your journal’s submission sites

  • Your Chinese authors can receive all manuscript notifications quickly and efficiently directly into their personal WeChat account or use the self-check function; meaning they will never miss a paper status update. Your author can quickly set up notifications in WeChat, by selecting the journal they have submitted to, via a menu in the Publishers WeChat account. Charlesworth will create an intuitive branded menu and can help set-up a WeChat account if needed.

  • Reduce queries into your journal Editorial Office or Editorial teams.  Chinese authors can self-check their manuscript status 24/7 via WeChat on their personal mobile devices.

  • Measure ROI through Gateway’s dashboard that allows you to see the number of notifications sent and self-checks made.

  • Integrating your journals increases author satisfaction, helping to drive the number of authors following your Publisher WeChat account.  By engaging with your WeChat author community this will help drive future submissions.

  • Flexible pricing allows you to decide how many submission sites you want to integrate.

Working with Global STM Publishers

“As an academic publisher, we have several perennial objectives. These include increasing high-quality submissions to our journals and driving usage of our content...Charlesworth's WeChat Account Management Service allows us to do all of these things with that crucial Chinese audience. In particular, we find it useful for engaging with authors that have already published with us. By posting about their research, we harness the authors' own existing networks to spread our message further than it might ordinarily go. We feel that a social media platform in China is crucial...WeChat allows us to engage with a wide potential pool of authors and readers, facilitating fast and effective communication in their own language."

Debbie Vaughan

Marketing Manager, Royal Society Publishing

Working with Global STM Publishers

“There are many restrictions and challenges for Western publishers seeking to enter the China market. We chose to partner with Charlesworth on social media marketing as they are the only agency that specialises in STM publishing and scholarly communication in China. We needed an agency that really understood the Chinese academic author and researcher community in our discipline. They are also able to advise us on movements in the scholarly landscape, Open Access for example. Another big plus is having a project manager in the UK who liaises on our behalf with the team in Beijing."

Western Publisher


Building your China footprint - maximising opportunities, minimising risks

It’s vital to have expertise in STM publishing, the scholarly communication landscape and social media in China to develop and position your brand which is where our expertise lies.

China’s social media and scholarly communication landscape is very different to the rest of the world. Familiar global platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are not available. Instead, Chinese “super-platform” mobile apps such as WeChat and Weibo are now deeply embedded in everyday life offering everything from bill payment to professional networking.

These mobile apps are ideally suited for bite-size targeted publisher and journal specific content which can be read and shared by the academic and researcher within their follower community. 





“We’re very excited to be working with Charlesworth to help increase our community offering within the Chinese Market. Our researchers are at the center of everything we do, and we are passionate about working with them to provide the resources and support they need to get published. With the launch of the Hindawi WeChat account and Sciencenet blog, we are pleased to be providing a space where our academics can access all the latest news from Hindawi. We look forward to the opportunity to further collaborate with our researcher base in China and are delighted to have Charlesworth’s support in doing this.”

Richard Bennett

Chief Commercial Officer at Hindawi

Our digital marketing services for publishers

We undertake a wide range of bespoke marketing consultancy projects for STM publishers. We also offer standard and tailor-made digital marketing packages, specially designed to increase author engagement and brand build. 

Services include:

  • Creation and management of your social media strategy – everything from market research, trend forecasting and competitor analysis to how to identity key academic influencers and increase follower engagement – see our Hindawi press release

  • Set up, design and maintenance of locally-registered WeChat and Weibo accounts

  • Targeted content creation and translation and active social media channel posting

  • Reputation monitoring – active checking of social media for references to brands, journals, and your authors

  • Development and implementation of a multi-channel online and offline marketing strategy

  • Customer support – responding to questions and comments from followers on social media

  • Analytics and reporting

  • WeChat Gateway Services – we can integrate your WeChat account with your manuscript submission system. Find out more by reading our Dove press release and case study.

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