Charlesworth has embraced Chatbot technology with the recent introduction of a service which communicates with Chinese academic authors signed up to the Charlesworth WeChat account.


Charlesworth's WeChat account is integrated via API with their bespoke author submission system, allowing paper status change notifications to be sent to the personal WeChat account of the author. The Chatbot was developed in-house and has been built with an STM manuscript submission workflow knowledge base, enabling it to reply to the most commonly asked questions in the submission process in seconds. Not only does this improve author communication for Chinese authors but it also dramatically reduces customer services time and overheads in dealing with author queries.


Michael Evans, Global CEO of The Charlesworth Group, comments:

“China is a rapidly moving data economy and it is essential to ensure that the technology that underpins our services continually evolves. By improving response times, our Chatbot not only allows us to enrich our communication with our own Chinese authors but also those authors of our referral publishers.”  


Ella Chen, General Manager, Charlesworth China, comments:

"WeChat is the fastest growing app in Asia and has become the primary communication channel of Chinese academic authors. Authors already using Charlesworth's language polishing services are able to obtain quotes and check paper status through this tool on their mobile phones. The service provides authors with fast 24/7 communication and we have already seen a significant increase in the number of authors communicating with us through this channel."


Why WeChat?

With over 900 million active users worldwide WeChat presents a tremendous opportunity. The service enables publishers to grow their brand in this region by communicating personalised notifications directly through an app which is an integral part of the academic author’s daily routine. The ability to communicate through WeChat is critical to Chinese academic market penetration.

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About The Charlesworth Group

With close to 20 years' experience in China, The Charlesworth Group is recognized globally as the trusted partner for sales and marketing representation and consultancy in the Chinese academic market.  Charlesworth is also a leading provider of language editing and author services through its Charlesworth Author Services Division.  Charlesworth’s social media management services include expert translation and consultancy and assistance in correct targeting and messaging to maximise impact and followers/readers.

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