Understanding the Impact of the Chinese Research Evaluation Changes

Discover and understand the impact of the Chinese research evaluation changes and why the impact factor may no longer be so important.

Two policy documents published by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education set out a new approach which shifted the balance away from judging papers by journals and placing the emphasis on fewer but more impactful articles.

Register now to attend this webinar to find out what the key changes are and what types of article publications will be recognised in China.  

Join the China experts in this webinar, as we discuss how this policy will be implemented and the likely impact on Publishers. The webinar will cover the following questions:
  • How is the policy being interpreted by Chinese institutions?
  • What impacts are STM Publishers likely to see over the next year and beyond?
  • How will the policy shape and change China’s domestic STM journals?
  • What do Publishers need to do differently to compete for authors?  


Dr. Shuai Yan is currently an independent consultant, based in Beijing. His previous career endeavors include Academic Relationship Director, Springer Nature Greater China; Associate Chief Editor of Tsinghua University Press (TUP), Director of TUP’s Journal Publishing Center, and Editor in Chief of Journal of Tsinghua University (Science and Technology).

Prof. Liu Bing Professor of Editorship, Vice President of the Chinese Medical Association Publishing House. He is responsible for the publication, management and digitilization of 143 Chinese Medical Association Journals. He is also the Editorial Director of Bio-X Research, Editorial Board of Acta Editologica, and Secretary General of the Medical Journals Committee of Chinese Editology Society for Scientific Periodicals. He used to work as the Editorial Director in the Chinese Journal of Cardiology for a long time.

Nicko Goncharoff has more than 20 years’ experience in scholarly research software, data and publishing. A fluent Mandarin speaker, he has spent much of the past four years working in China’s scholarly research sector for a range of businesses, including Hindawi, Clarivate and Digital Science.

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