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Social Media Management in China

Maximize your market impact

Marketing is a core part of building your company branding and reputation in China. We fully support the development of your China marketing strategy by utilizing a mix of digital communication channels and approaches for your brand and content. These can include developing and managing your brand and content engagement via the different social media outlets like WeChat and Weibo, as well as localized website development and SEO services tailored to the Baidu search engine.

China is one of the largest and most competitive publishing markets in the world. Social media is central to high brand visibility and it's becoming a bigger part of marketing strategies year on year. As part of our strategic marketing consultancy, we offer expert support for social media campaigns aimed at the Chinese market. A vital aspect of attracting potential customers is an effective presence on WeChat, China’s leading social media app.

Why WeChat?

WeChat extends far beyond the usual role of an instant messaging app, playing a central part in day-to-day Chinese life: professional networking, online commerce, entertainment. In fact, it’s the most popular app in the country, in the country with the highest smartphone use in the world. A presence on WeChat means potential customers and partners in academia and publishing can immediately connect with your brand, through the platform China uses to do business.


WeChat’s pre-eminence is emphasized by these recent statistics:

  • As of Q1 in 2018 WeChat had a billion active monthly users

  • The average WeChat user spends 66 minutes per day on the app

  • 900 million WeChat users check the app daily

  • More than 100 million users are based outside of China

  • Over 12 million corporate WeChat accounts had been created by the end of 2016

  • By April 2016, 93% of the population of Tier 1 cities in China used WeChat

  • 57% of all new contacts created in WeChat in 2016 were business related

WeChat enables you to:

  • Communicate all your latest news to your intended target market

  • Increase interest in content by posting abstracts and chapters

  • Drive traffic to your website

  • Create new connections and build relationships with customers and opinion formers

  • Communicate directly with authors, and connect authors with each other


How we can maximize your impact on WeChat:

We are globally recognized as leading the field in providing sales representation in China, enabling us to understand how your content and services will fit the Chinese market. A social media campaign managed by The Charlesworth Group goes beyond followers and engagement; our market expertise ensures your content will deliver the key message you want to deliver. Our relationships, built over nearly 20 years, will ensure it gets seen by the target people you want to connect with.

Read our case study here on Dove Medical Press and how we work along side them using our WeChat 'Gateway'.

WeChat presents a tremendous opportunity for publishers to grow their brand by communicating with Chinese academics through the most powerful platform for content publishing. With over 1 billion users worldwide (the majority of those in China) the ability for publisher to communicate through WeChat is critical to gain China market penetration and brand build. In response to China’s rapidly growing mobile data economy, Charlesworth have already integrated WeChat into the academic author’s journey for language editing services, sending personalised messages and calls to action direct to the app.

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